Slowlies 416    Womens Sandal Comfort/Interfacing Black    Leather


Slowlies 416    Womens Sandal Comfort/Interfacing Black    Leather

Slowlies-Natural and healthy running Slowlies Easy comfortable, comfortable easy Schumacher has the product category: Slowlies on leather mules and Sandaletten is made of selected and tested materials’s gothic clothing. Slowlies are ideal for allergy sufferers and all the healthy and, of course. The comfortable ladies onesies Sandaletten are and are the perfect and convenient way to carry all those your own orthotic is equipped with a removable footbed. The individual adjustment of the velcro strap allows adapts to the shoe perfectly to your foot. Additional offers a secure hold of the heel strap with buckle. Due to the unique comfort of equipment Enjoy the shoes from the house of Schumacher increasing popular with young and old. Take now w

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